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Felix Murnig

Guitarist, Music Educator & Teaching Artist

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After studying at the Music University (KUG) in Graz/Austria, I left my hometown and moved to the capital Vienna/Austria, where I studied artistic and educational guitar with Alexander Swete at the University of Music and Performing Arts (MDW). Additonally to my classical training, I broadened my horizon with studies in Ancient Music with Luciano Contini, Jazz with Heimo Trixner and Latin with Arnoldo Moreno and was active in band projects of various genres (Viennese Song, Latin, Reggae, World, ...).

In 2013 I moved to Rio de Janeiro for one year to study at the UniRio, where I got to know the country and its people - an experience that wound up having a profound influence on my musical journey. After completing my master's degree in Vienna in 2015, my wife Valerie Krenhuber-Murnig and I founded the music project "Klangschaukel" ("Swing of sound"), with which we toured through Africa and South America for about one year. In addition to pedagogical and therapeutic workshops, an artistic component was developed at the same time. Back in Vienna we founded the Austro-Brazilian band "Arará", with whom we have been performed in the meantime at well-known institutions such as Jeunesse and Kultursommer Wien.

In addition to my artistic and educational activities, I was able to deepen my knowledge in the field of elementary music making as part of the extra-occupational, certified "Lehrgang EMp" at the MDW. After teaching guitar, ensembles and elementary music making at the music school in Krems (Lower Austria) for six years, I'm employed as a teacher for guitar & ensemble and assistant principal at the music school in Floridsdorf (Vienna) since September 2022.

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The projects presented here offer an insight into my artistic and pedagogical activities. The selection focuses on longer-term and regular projects.


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Illustration by Paul Riedmüller

!!! New CD out !!!

Klangschaukel / swing of sound

Founded in 2015, the Klangschaukel (swing of sound) is an alternative educational and therapeutic music project of my wife Valerie Krenhuber-Murnig (music therapist) and myself (music eduactor). The Klangschaukel takes place in form of workshops addressed to children, teenagers and adults.

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Václav Fuksa & Felix Murnig

Photo by Maria Frodl

As a soloist I prefer repertoire of Latin music - especially from Brazil. Nevertheless I interpret works of the whole classical guitar literature with great passion.

Photo by Maria Frodl

Brazilian Folk and Art music of different regions and genres.

Flute, Voice - Joachim Unger

Violin, Voice - Valerie Krenhuber-Murnig

Guitar, Cavaquinho, Voice - Felix Murnig

Percussion, Voice - Stefan Eibel

Photo by Maria Frodl
Photo by Florian Pochlatko

A guitar Duo that was formed during our studies. We focus on Latin music.


Felix Murnig

+43 681 81 41 72 48

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